LUBE Original Grease from MotionSource is the recommended lubricant in many of your OEM machine manuals. MotionSource provides LUBE original grease systems for your equipment in a variety of properties for different applications. High performance and always in stock, LUBE original grease reduces maintenance costs and keeps your equipment working at peak performance.

LUBE Original Grease is only available from genuine LUBE partners like MotionSource. Why risk your million-dollar equipment on imitation grease when LUBE original grease is economical and available for same day shipping.

13 products found in Lubricants

LHL Hybrid Lubricant LHL X100-7
  • $55.00
LHL Hybrid Lubricant LHL X100-2
  • $37.00
LHL Hybrid Lubricant LHL300-4S
  • $41.00
LUBE YS2 Grease YS2-7
  • $51.70
LHL Hybrid Lubricant LHL300-7
  • $46.00


Syn-Flo Compressor Oil | Syn-Flo 90
  • $350.00
  • From $51.75
LUBE YS2 Grease YS2-4
  • $34.30


LUBE FS2 Grease FS2-7 700ml 249063
  • $143.00
  • $53.00
LUBE FS2 Grease FS2-4
  • $35.00
LUBE FS2 Grease FS2-2
  • $26.00
LHL MP Lithium Grease MP0(1)-7
  • $32.00
LHL MP Lithium Grease MP0(1)-4
  • $22.00
LHL Hybrid Lubricant LHL X100-4
  • $46.00