Graco G1 Series Pumps

Graco G1 Pump

The Graco G1 pump from MotionSource provides you with a high ROI on grease and oil applications. A budget friendly pump with a little more gusto than the G1 Standard, the G1 Plus pump has a built-in on/off timer with optional low-level feature that shuts down the pump when empty. Manual run initiates lube cycles on-demand with the option for remote control.

Graco G1 Plus Pump

G1 Plus

The Graco G1 Plus Pump offer a choice of 2, 4, or 8-liter reservoirs for oil or grease to match your system needs. A versatile pump with an available with stirring paddle and wiper arm to keep material from separating. There’s also an optional follower plate ensures grease stays level for extreme angle installations.

Designed for long working life, the unique offset drive design minimizes load and stress on the motor and pump element. At MotionSource we’re the experts on the Graco G1 Plus pump, we’ve installed thousands and offer extended warranties on these workhorses to our customers.

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Graco G1 Plus Pump Grease Models

2 Liter   4 Liter   8 Liter
Item Number   Item Number   Item Number
94G000 94G001 94G002
94G003 94G004 94G005
94G012 94G013 94G014
94G015 94G016 94G017
94G024 94G025 94G026
94G027 94G028 94G029
94G048 94G049 94G050
94G051 94G052 94G053
94G054 94G055 94G056


Graco G1 Plus Oil Models

2 Liter   4 Liter   8 Liter
Item Number   Item Number   Item Number
94G030 94G031 94G032
94G033 94G034 94G035
94G057 94G058 94G059
94G060 94G061 94G062


Service and Installation

Need help with service or installation of your Graco pump?  MotionSource has a 24/7 full-service team ready to help with what you need, when you need it.  Our service technicians are Graco trained and certified to help with your pump needs.  We also specialize in programming your Graco G1 Plus pump!

We have completed thousands of customer installations and are recognized as the industry leader.

If you just need technical help, give us a call 888-963-6686.  All of our customer support team is Graco trained as well.  MotionSource is your Source for Graco G1 Plus pumps!

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16 products found in Graco G1 Series Pumps

Graco G1 Pump 94G066
  • $936.00
Graco G1 Pump 94G060
  • $1,235.00
Graco G1 Pump 94G054
  • $1,265.00
Graco G1 Pump 94G046
  • $1,040.00
Graco G1 Pump 94G045
  • $861.00
Graco G1 Pump 94G043
  • $1,015.00
Graco G1 Pump 94G039
  • $798.00
Graco G1 Pump 94G037
  • $878.00
Graco G1 Pump 94G033
  • $933.00
Graco G1 Pump 94G023
  • $1,135.00
Graco G1 Pump 94G021
  • $861.00
Graco G1 Pump 94G016
  • $1,110.00
Graco G1 Pump 94G015
  • $945.00
Graco G1 Pump 94G010
  • $981.00
Graco G1 Pump 94G009
  • $798.00
Graco G1 Pump 94G003
  • $945.00